Where’s the motivation?

Drive, motivation, that vital ingredient which propels us in our actions.  When pursuing goals and creating daily habits we are constantly reminded of the purpose of each action.  Motivation is a key factor in success.  Motivation, as Psychology Today describes it, is literally the desire to do things.  My interest in motivation has become some what of an obsession.

When I began drastically changing my life, I learned serious truths about myself: I had only spurts of motivation and I lacked the know how to create it.  In my desire to continue down this road or up rather in my own thinking I have had to really create my own momentum in steering the direction of my learning.  I have read many articles, I have experienced many late nights, by myself learning new daily living methodology to birth this new me and maintain it.

In my focus to learn I made some other realizations, that I had been learning how to depress myself all these years, that I had built a system that was keeping me from growing mentally, emotionally, and physically.  In my first efforts to prescribe myself ways of changing lazy habits and negative thought patterns I was not as productive as I imagined and the whole process was not easy.   I knew some difficulty was in this venture, but, I have always had an optimistic view and that definitely increased my chances of keeping my mind on target with new habits and goals.  So, where’s the motivation?

I have learned many ways people use motivation to propel themselves through the tough times, the low of their lows, and prevail against outside forces, as well as inside forces.  Les Brown, a motivational speaker is one of the key “advisors” to my understanding of directing my desire and staying on course.  In his many speeches he explains his own life’s ups and downs and what he did in the face of adversity.  He gets very emotional in his speaking and I feel his words.

Here is some of the audio over the top of a video by Youarecreators

Watching videos like this are motivating to me.  Finding some material that motivates you and keeps you full on that energy that moves you is important.  I believe life has some “hard turns” and difficult obstacles.

Something to remember is that we are all alone.  We can gather people to us and we can create family and friends.  However, our minds are always with us.  We need to keep our mind busy with activity.  Solving problems, reading new information, giving away old information, and enjoying time to imagine.

Take care of your minds and spirit with motivation.  Although we are together, alone, we must garden ourselves well.

Know yourself

know yourself owl kraken headphones longboard
This is a picture of me, one of the first times I went out with my first long board.

Good Morning Forever People!

Do you know yourself?

I was thinking about something I’ve heard people say time and time again,” know yourself.”  How do we or people we know just unhappy with what they do as a job or a career?  About how they would not take advancement in jobs for fear of being as unhappy in the position as their predecessor.  And finally, to round out this little category, people who cannot envision themselves doing anything. I think people become lost, because they do not know themselves.

I recall having a conversation with my mother; the last collection of memories we built was of her and I having these conversations in the morning together.  I would stroll down the street, because we lived on the same block, and come in and begin an almost always 1 to 2 hour conversation.  And at some point be ushered out the door so she could get back to work.  My mom’s job was being a data entry person who worked out of her house.

During those conversations I was contemplating what life was about, for me.  Did I know myself?I, being the intense thinker, would party all night with my brothers, and stay awake until dawn thinking about life and what my purpose was.  I then, would make my way over to my mothers house and talk about life with her.  I remember asking my mother one of the Big questions one  morning: what did you want to be when you “grew up”.

My mom’s answer was, in my opinion, the very opposite of what she was doing for a career.  Her eyes lite up and she kept a strong smile, all while telling me about how she had wanted to become a veterinarian, specifically for horses.  However, that life happened and that was no longer and hadn’t been a goal of hers for sometime.  That raising me and my 4 other siblings, by herself, was her main goal.  She told me that although her life was not what she had envisioned it to be when she had me, that she still felt very good about everything.

I, however, felt like my mom got burnt by life.  How did this awesome person have to travel through so much heartache and not even get her own personal goal achieved?  It seemed unfair to me and I had trouble grasping the concept my mother was trying to give me.  A few years later she passed away from cancer.

Years after my mother’s death I came to realize my mother’s real sacrifice and achievement.  She didn’t so much lose her own goals, but changed them.  Her love of her children was great.  She wanted to pursue a job that would grant her the money we needed to live.  We became her goal.  She gave a lot to her job and was able to work at home and help her family more.  She created her purpose through sacrifice.  Now, its not to say my mother Never got rewarded or took time for herself.  Its so true that my mother was great with people.  She found another “family” at a bar, her and my step-dad attended regularily, The Worth While, so ironic.  Lastly, she accepted everything going on with her life.  She had overcome some massive pit-falls in life and still managed to get a hold of a job that paid her well and was able to buy a home, and get remarried to someone she was very in love with.  She got a lot of other goals.  She knew what she wanted and was able to change with time.

Know yourself.  When I come across people that are fearing their own personal enterprise I suggest they really look at what is important to them.  I am a spirited person and I am always looking for the good opportunity and I am constantly pulled in many directions.  So, I have had to learn what are My opportunities and what are just opportunities.  Along the way of learning my own purpose and seeking out what is a good job and/or career, because no matter venture you go into you need capital, I have built and learned a formula or a thinking, if you will to being more successful in that area.

Know yourself.  Life is not just wake up, go to work, eat, sleep, and repeat.  And, even if it was, I believe there is a specific path for each of us, based on who we are and what we are seeking.  Knowing who you are, by way of, what are your likes and dislikes, but also, how do you learn and what ways do you Feel and Think you are useful in many different situations.  Here, you can go to one of many online places and get some helpful questions to get to know you.

Well, to wrap up this very long post, I will say this: know yourself.  It is a simple thought, like many of the more deceptively complicated answers to life’s problematic arenas.  I tell my friends and family on a constant basis, it seems, to get to know themselves.  All the answers to the universe are inside us, we need only ask the right questions and be attentive enough to listen and understand.  Much love.

Motivation for yourself first!


Motivation is described as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  Also, it is defined as the general desire or willingness to do something.

The video at the top is of CT Fletcher, a renowned lifter and motivational speaker.  He speaks on motivation and his take on keeping your vision of what you are.  In my life, and I truly believe, in all our lives, it is an essential piece of our puzzles to examine.  What are we purposed for? Why are we doing what we do? Who are we?

When I was young my motivation seemed low, to me, however, to others, I’m told, I was spirited and guided by my own vision and pace of life.  Nowadays, I feel and see just how driven I am, this, I think, is in part to my motivation and the definition of myself I have determined through the years.

You are going through life seeking out information that You find important or interesting.  I have always been taken by my own intuition as a personal guide.  It has lead me astray a time or two, but, on the whole it is true.  We are governed by a pure vision of ourselves, within our minds.  Our depiction of what our greatest self is what generates movement to our daily actions and goal setting.

It is easy to fall out of sync with ourselves, especially, in an age where there are so many distractions. Here, LifeHack.com discuss ways to remove some of them from your life.  Check it out and perhaps clear yourself from day to day “slipping” of your clarity.

Overall, Motivation is SO important to us, in my opinion. Once you have a vision you move to make it so and live it, basically.  When I decided, my now fiance, was the girl for me I began making moves to make it so.  Now, I know there is more to it than just that, but, you understand my point.  Make a clear definition of who you are and what your life is about.  Then, get motivated by it.  What are you here for Forever People?

Loving the Process

Hello Infinity People,

Our lives are made up of daily habits and the process of how we see the world.  In my opinion, our lives are affected incredible by our vision and attachment of definition of everything we see and experience.  Giving things, tangible and intangible, definition, is essentially giving them life.  What is their definition and purpose?  How does that affect you?

When I was young I experienced a troubling world. I had a perception of the  world of being “against me”, hateful, and unfair.  I made little efforts to make anything of my situation in life, where ever I was at, I just described to all around me the magnitude of injustice of life.  Now, I am 31 year young father of two beautiful daughters and about to marry, who I believe to be my soul mate.  The change happened in my mind first, that I can surely say.

Love, plain and simple, saved me, gave me life again, gave me new eyes to see the world, and in return I have moved my mind in tune with its teaching.  I love myself, first, with that I can love the world and all that comes about in my life, because I first share that vision with myself.  In defining the world we are first defining ourselves by way of harboring the vision like a boat in the docks of our soul.  I do believe there are light and dark images/colors/energies to the world and we need both.  Using both to help ourselves and others grow is the way of the world, the way of mother nature, its organic and natural.

The process of your life, when you look at each activity, in thinking and doing, that you give energy to, you will see how you see the world, how you feel the world, and what you give to the world.  Love is a powerful thing.  Loving your process, your life, yourself, and you will find a life worth living. You will attract those that love and energy to help give to your cause, because people are attracted to those who have similar purposes.

Our purpose here at Infinity Culture is simple, water the roots of you soul and help grow your spirit.  Motivate your purpose and give our insights on how we envision the world and all of us in it.  Are you loving the Process?IMAG0080

This is a picture of my daughter loving the process of discovering mother nature.  Here she is crawling through a hollow fallen oak tree.  The process is not always clean or easy, but, it is always a giving experience.  Much Love Infinity People.

Wasting My Young Years on Music

Hello, Forever People, wasting your young years?

Hans Christian Anderson said,”Where words fail, music speaks.”  I gravitate to music that opens the door to my soul and comes in on its own.  Music, people say, speaks to you, moves you, cures you, and is an important part of living.  Even I run out of things to say or come to a dead end in conversation.  Sometimes I feel my words are just not effective, towards others or myself.  Music is there to comfort me.  Music is there to speak when I have run out of words.

I believe that music is important to us all, but, like anything we can’t abuse it by over-using it.  Like choosing friends we have to be careful in our decision to what enters our mind.  Music has more power in melody and song than just an average speaker/friend.  The words in your music will grow into your subconscious and help you or hurt you through the day.

When I was depressing myself after my mother died I choose some unhealthy music to listen to.  This is the tricky part of loving music.  I believe a big part of enjoying music is feeling the music.  I was in a mood, stuck in sadness, and I reflected that in my music choices.  Now, I am no longer depressing myself over my mother’s death.  However, I do come upon moments when my emotions have a stronger than my wise mind.

Some “food for thought” for when you are thinking about what to listen to through your day.  Here are some various artist’s from various genres, interpreting different emotions.  Remember, everyone has their own vision and definition of what each piece of music is to them.   From the artist themselves to each individual listener.  We, beautiful beings, get the complicated endeavor of living in a world with so many windows to the souls of the universe.  All these songs, I enjoy for different reasons at different times.  Unless, I am creating something, which is interesting to think of now, then, I usually put my phone on shuffle.

Listen to your soul, Forever People. Much Love.

This is London Grammar I just found them and have been a bit obsessed.

Nahko, always reminds me of this festival my fiance and I took our daughters to Project Earth (I tried to put a link in, but, their site is down)

Yeah, country, its a great song, reminds me of my fiance. I was wasting years before I might her.  Enjoy!

This song TOOK OVER MY LIFE for a little bit, haha, its just so energetic and fun music!

Now, to take you somewhere else.  Hardcore music is like a whole part of my life that explains so much of me I can’t put into words, but, those guitars, that drum beat, and of course, it starts with a scream….

Oh my! Awesomeness! Alright, well, that’s all for today on music, these should hold you over for a few days.  Don’t go wasting away on me.  Have a great adventure today Forever People!! Life is about living, together, with everyone and the journeys, inner and outer, through each destination and traveling to them.  While your floating through your universe, put on some good tunes!

Much Love.

Guardian Spirit

Do you have a good guardian spirit?  I have birthed a new category into this blog, Eudaimonia, which has just become my new favorite word. Eudaimonia is a philosophy, generally speaking that, in theory, a person can attain a happiness in life through “right thinking”.  In translation it literally means good guardian spirit.

Here, on this link, is a great explanation to Eudaimonia.

One of the pillars to the blog, for me, is the incredible amount of thinking that I receive through researching, compiling, and orchestrating each blog post.  Majority of the posts come easy and the bulk of the information on each post is of my own thinking and philosophy.  So, through each of my blog post endeavors, I spend hours thinking on my viewpoint and so receive a fully understanding of myself.  I have this community to thank for helping me find my purpose.

Plato believed people needed “right thinking” to exist or live happy rather.  In my own journey of life, I have found the same.  Now, when I say “right thinking”, it is to say thinking is a tool, like breathing or posture.  If i hold a poor posture, in time, my body will suffer for it.  Similarly, if I use my mind “poorly”, that affects the mental-state, emotional-state, and physical-state of me.  In translation, Eudaimonia is having a good guardian spirit, which I really enjoy knowing.

I hold a spiritual constitution and belief that I have a spirit or a soul rather.  Each different, but, both the same really.  Perhaps, it is better to say they are parts to a whole.  Like a mind and thinking is part of our brain, a soul and a spirit are part of each body.  Reading this new knowledge and belief of Plato, one of my favorite philosophers, brought a new foundation to my thoughts and felt fulfilling.  I then decided to make a new category, one of philosophy, but, mainly that of philosophy and theories that can help us all obtain fulfillment.

So, feed you guardian spirit well with right thinking and healthy choices.  Build your constitution and know thyself.


Skill at Being Happy

Skill is the ability to do something well, with expertise.  Alan Watts, in one of his lectures, talks about how a person cannot be happy in life without skill.  You may listen to this quick lecture here. skill trees

Today, I thought, at various interludes of my journey, that I was really happy with every choice I was making.  Each having their own outcome, of course, but, I was continuously hearing my inner voice say with some, almost paternal head nod of, “yes, that’s exactly it!”

I will veer off a moment to add, we are all, first and foremost, our own best-friend’s and worst enemies, but, there are many other entities within us.  I feel I have always been my own “father” , “father-figure”,  or parent.  Perhaps, the best explanation is, I have been conscious of myself at a very young age.  I have always been aware of decision-making and the responsibility of my actions.  A comical thought of me talking to myself as a child, which seems rather normal, may come upon others as radical and nonsense.  I am somewhat reluctant to strike the keys, but, holding a “conversation” with myself has been a useful tool in understanding what’s on my mind.  I mean, who else knows me better.

Let’s return, through the day I reviewed the passing hours and my time with my company.  Each response of mine was thought out, free of my judgement or care of others, but, very much in line with my spirit.  Words just seemed to flow today.  I thoroughly am joyed by occurrences of these, because, I know my confidence in my speaking and understanding of my own mind and spirit are in a balanced spot.

As I thought on this lecture I am remembering my day, the happiness I created, and the skills I have gardened each season.  I speak on communication so much, another important area of growth and “gardening” is within relationships.  In the speaking of being our own best-friends and such, I think and relate my skill with the relationship I have with myself and how it has changed and grown, destroyed and burned; our relationship with ourselves is quite a magnanimous epic written only in the pages of our soul.  Rewritten and experienced through failed attempts and addictive behaviors.  Our ink is the very vision of life we give to ourselves and to others.

Allow the world to know your skill.  Give the world you, your vision, and your skill.  Much Love

We are made and unmade by our Mind

Hello, Forever People, time to look into your mind,

Tonight is a night like any other right?  That is true for some and not true for others.  Tonight is whatever we each make of it and that is held in the vision we build of it in our mind.

I remember growing up alone a lot of the time.  Now that I look back at those times I see that I was not so much alone as I had seen, but, it was the vision that I had.  It was that vision that guided me into the direction I moved and created the environment I visualized around me.  Despite what others were doing to protect me, help me, or anything, my mind was the ultimate keep of the vision.  Shall I see the “good” or the “bad”?

In our daily functioning in our lives we encounter many things, not all of which are under our control.  I do not control my fiances dog, although I wish I could, to some extent.  I do not control my daughters and I do not think I want to, but, what a wish for getting children to eat exactly what you cook, haha.  In our journey, day to day, moment to moment really, we are the keepers of what is seen.  Believe this, trust it, and use it.

If all your environment is against you, you will still have your mind, you will still have power there and control.  Here is where the true battle of life is fought and won.  Men and women will fight for love, power, and money, but, to fight for your purpose and understanding is sometimes without measure or wit until death is already within our house.  Do not wait until you can see the end to become what you always wanted to be.  Build a life, moment by moment, day by day that you love.

In our search for helpful words and knowledge for such retraining and building of the mind, I suggest you seek out James Allen.  In his book, “As a man thinkth”, James Allen speaks beautiful words on how to use one’s mind to its full potential.

Good night Forever People, Much Loveinfinitygalaxy2 mind


Good Music Creates Good Energy

Good music is a wonderful thing, a type of communication, the special kind of communication a person creates to use with themselves.  There have been many people, any musical artist I’m sure, who speak on the incredible power of music.  In a Youtube video, Donna Stoering explains several ways music impacts us in our everyday lives.  You can watch here, if you like.  Music, I believe, is one of the ways a person can communicate with themselves.

What is the communication though?  Yes, you may be listening to “your jam”, but, a truth is that you are speaking to yourself and when you speak just right, your body and spirit can only move to the beat.  Give it negative words and descriptive choruses that paint an ugly picture and your speaking some ugly language.  Putting your mind, emotions, and spirit at risk.  However, put on those good tunes that give good words and communicate a peaceful, fun-loving, or plainly a positive vibe and your producing a positive environment.

Good Music Trevor Hall Unpack Your Memories Album Cover
Trevor Hall Unpack Your Memories

In my own quest to find positive music I came onto Trevor Hall and this gem of an album, Unpack Your Memories.  So, if your looking for a light vibe with powerfully positive and relaxing words, this is what I recommend.  Here is my contribution of music that creates good energy, for me. Check it out.

I have been on a long, twisting and ever-changing journey of music.  This, I believe, has much to do with my mentality and vision on my world, as it does to us all.  Since I came to know music I have always enjoyed any music genre really.  With so many forms to dive into, I have never been one to really keep myself from any musical pool.  That being said, I do, however, now-a-days, keep a relatively firm understanding and grip, if you will, on what music is “worth” listening to.  Everything has a purpose, but, not every purpose is worth my time.  Trevor Hall, definitely worth my time and yours.




New Year, New Mindset

Its a new year for InfinityCulture and a new year for you.  Let’s talk about mindset.  I ask, insist, and plead, please come into the new year with a new mindset.  In our journey for seeking our goals, I believe, it is our mindset, our vision of the world and ourselves, that helps or hurts our productivity and our success in the end.

I inform to you, my readers, and my friends and family, to examine yourself.  By this I simply mean, breakdown your daily actions, what do you spend time doing, what do You give your time to, what do you think about the most?  There are a lot of questions like these you can ask yourself in the pursuit of this “examination” I am just directing you a little.  In the effort, your effort, to improve and grow yourself you must be willing to ask the hard questions and be brutally honest with yourself.  This is the way of true growth.

Now, I will finish up this our first blog of the new year with our/my vision.

I thought over the past few months as i pondered this blog and its purpose, what specifically am I trying to accomplish and who am I here to help?  BOOM! My answer was part of my question.  InfinityCulture is here to help, I have always been told I have a way with words.  Also, that I have great patience.  Here, now, this year, I give to you, the Forever People, my understandings, my patience, and my spirit.  In an effort to help my community, my country, and my Earth become something more.  Much Love, Forever People,

Living. Together. Forever.November21 023

Living. Together. Forever.