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Wasting My Young Years on Music

Hello, Forever People, wasting your young years?

Hans Christian Anderson said,”Where words fail, music speaks.”  I gravitate to music that opens the door to my soul and comes in on its own.  Music, people say, speaks to you, moves you, cures you, and is an important part of living.  Even I run out of things to say or come to a dead end in conversation.  Sometimes I feel my words are just not effective, towards others or myself.  Music is there to comfort me.  Music is there to speak when I have run out of words.

I believe that music is important to us all, but, like anything we can’t abuse it by over-using it.  Like choosing friends we have to be careful in our decision to what enters our mind.  Music has more power in melody and song than just an average speaker/friend.  The words in your music will grow into your subconscious and help you or hurt you through the day.

When I was depressing myself after my mother died I choose some unhealthy music to listen to.  This is the tricky part of loving music.  I believe a big part of enjoying music is feeling the music.  I was in a mood, stuck in sadness, and I reflected that in my music choices.  Now, I am no longer depressing myself over my mother’s death.  However, I do come upon moments when my emotions have a stronger than my wise mind.

Some “food for thought” for when you are thinking about what to listen to through your day.  Here are some various artist’s from various genres, interpreting different emotions.  Remember, everyone has their own vision and definition of what each piece of music is to them.   From the artist themselves to each individual listener.  We, beautiful beings, get the complicated endeavor of living in a world with so many windows to the souls of the universe.  All these songs, I enjoy for different reasons at different times.  Unless, I am creating something, which is interesting to think of now, then, I usually put my phone on shuffle.

Listen to your soul, Forever People. Much Love.

This is London Grammar I just found them and have been a bit obsessed.

Nahko, always reminds me of this festival my fiance and I took our daughters to Project Earth (I tried to put a link in, but, their site is down)

Yeah, country, its a great song, reminds me of my fiance. I was wasting years before I might her.  Enjoy!

This song TOOK OVER MY LIFE for a little bit, haha, its just so energetic and fun music!

Now, to take you somewhere else.  Hardcore music is like a whole part of my life that explains so much of me I can’t put into words, but, those guitars, that drum beat, and of course, it starts with a scream….

Oh my! Awesomeness! Alright, well, that’s all for today on music, these should hold you over for a few days.  Don’t go wasting away on me.  Have a great adventure today Forever People!! Life is about living, together, with everyone and the journeys, inner and outer, through each destination and traveling to them.  While your floating through your universe, put on some good tunes!

Much Love.

Good Music Creates Good Energy

Good music is a wonderful thing, a type of communication, the special kind of communication a person creates to use with themselves.  There have been many people, any musical artist I’m sure, who speak on the incredible power of music.  In a Youtube video, Donna Stoering explains several ways music impacts us in our everyday lives.  You can watch here, if you like.  Music, I believe, is one of the ways a person can communicate with themselves.

What is the communication though?  Yes, you may be listening to “your jam”, but, a truth is that you are speaking to yourself and when you speak just right, your body and spirit can only move to the beat.  Give it negative words and descriptive choruses that paint an ugly picture and your speaking some ugly language.  Putting your mind, emotions, and spirit at risk.  However, put on those good tunes that give good words and communicate a peaceful, fun-loving, or plainly a positive vibe and your producing a positive environment.

Good Music Trevor Hall Unpack Your Memories Album Cover
Trevor Hall Unpack Your Memories

In my own quest to find positive music I came onto Trevor Hall and this gem of an album, Unpack Your Memories.  So, if your looking for a light vibe with powerfully positive and relaxing words, this is what I recommend.  Here is my contribution of music that creates good energy, for me. Check it out.

I have been on a long, twisting and ever-changing journey of music.  This, I believe, has much to do with my mentality and vision on my world, as it does to us all.  Since I came to know music I have always enjoyed any music genre really.  With so many forms to dive into, I have never been one to really keep myself from any musical pool.  That being said, I do, however, now-a-days, keep a relatively firm understanding and grip, if you will, on what music is “worth” listening to.  Everything has a purpose, but, not every purpose is worth my time.  Trevor Hall, definitely worth my time and yours.