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Know yourself

know yourself owl kraken headphones longboard
This is a picture of me, one of the first times I went out with my first long board.

Good Morning Forever People!

Do you know yourself?

I was thinking about something I’ve heard people say time and time again,” know yourself.”  How do we or people we know just unhappy with what they do as a job or a career?  About how they would not take advancement in jobs for fear of being as unhappy in the position as their predecessor.  And finally, to round out this little category, people who cannot envision themselves doing anything. I think people become lost, because they do not know themselves.

I recall having a conversation with my mother; the last collection of memories we built was of her and I having these conversations in the morning together.  I would stroll down the street, because we lived on the same block, and come in and begin an almost always 1 to 2 hour conversation.  And at some point be ushered out the door so she could get back to work.  My mom’s job was being a data entry person who worked out of her house.

During those conversations I was contemplating what life was about, for me.  Did I know myself?I, being the intense thinker, would party all night with my brothers, and stay awake until dawn thinking about life and what my purpose was.  I then, would make my way over to my mothers house and talk about life with her.  I remember asking my mother one of the Big questions one  morning: what did you want to be when you “grew up”.

My mom’s answer was, in my opinion, the very opposite of what she was doing for a career.  Her eyes lite up and she kept a strong smile, all while telling me about how she had wanted to become a veterinarian, specifically for horses.  However, that life happened and that was no longer and hadn’t been a goal of hers for sometime.  That raising me and my 4 other siblings, by herself, was her main goal.  She told me that although her life was not what she had envisioned it to be when she had me, that she still felt very good about everything.

I, however, felt like my mom got burnt by life.  How did this awesome person have to travel through so much heartache and not even get her own personal goal achieved?  It seemed unfair to me and I had trouble grasping the concept my mother was trying to give me.  A few years later she passed away from cancer.

Years after my mother’s death I came to realize my mother’s real sacrifice and achievement.  She didn’t so much lose her own goals, but changed them.  Her love of her children was great.  She wanted to pursue a job that would grant her the money we needed to live.  We became her goal.  She gave a lot to her job and was able to work at home and help her family more.  She created her purpose through sacrifice.  Now, its not to say my mother Never got rewarded or took time for herself.  Its so true that my mother was great with people.  She found another “family” at a bar, her and my step-dad attended regularily, The Worth While, so ironic.  Lastly, she accepted everything going on with her life.  She had overcome some massive pit-falls in life and still managed to get a hold of a job that paid her well and was able to buy a home, and get remarried to someone she was very in love with.  She got a lot of other goals.  She knew what she wanted and was able to change with time.

Know yourself.  When I come across people that are fearing their own personal enterprise I suggest they really look at what is important to them.  I am a spirited person and I am always looking for the good opportunity and I am constantly pulled in many directions.  So, I have had to learn what are My opportunities and what are just opportunities.  Along the way of learning my own purpose and seeking out what is a good job and/or career, because no matter venture you go into you need capital, I have built and learned a formula or a thinking, if you will to being more successful in that area.

Know yourself.  Life is not just wake up, go to work, eat, sleep, and repeat.  And, even if it was, I believe there is a specific path for each of us, based on who we are and what we are seeking.  Knowing who you are, by way of, what are your likes and dislikes, but also, how do you learn and what ways do you Feel and Think you are useful in many different situations.  Here, you can go to one of many online places and get some helpful questions to get to know you.

Well, to wrap up this very long post, I will say this: know yourself.  It is a simple thought, like many of the more deceptively complicated answers to life’s problematic arenas.  I tell my friends and family on a constant basis, it seems, to get to know themselves.  All the answers to the universe are inside us, we need only ask the right questions and be attentive enough to listen and understand.  Much love.

Motivation for yourself first!

Motivation is described as the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.  Also, it is defined as the general desire or willingness to do something.

The video at the top is of CT Fletcher, a renowned lifter and motivational speaker.  He speaks on motivation and his take on keeping your vision of what you are.  In my life, and I truly believe, in all our lives, it is an essential piece of our puzzles to examine.  What are we purposed for? Why are we doing what we do? Who are we?

When I was young my motivation seemed low, to me, however, to others, I’m told, I was spirited and guided by my own vision and pace of life.  Nowadays, I feel and see just how driven I am, this, I think, is in part to my motivation and the definition of myself I have determined through the years.

You are going through life seeking out information that You find important or interesting.  I have always been taken by my own intuition as a personal guide.  It has lead me astray a time or two, but, on the whole it is true.  We are governed by a pure vision of ourselves, within our minds.  Our depiction of what our greatest self is what generates movement to our daily actions and goal setting.

It is easy to fall out of sync with ourselves, especially, in an age where there are so many distractions. Here, discuss ways to remove some of them from your life.  Check it out and perhaps clear yourself from day to day “slipping” of your clarity.

Overall, Motivation is SO important to us, in my opinion. Once you have a vision you move to make it so and live it, basically.  When I decided, my now fiance, was the girl for me I began making moves to make it so.  Now, I know there is more to it than just that, but, you understand my point.  Make a clear definition of who you are and what your life is about.  Then, get motivated by it.  What are you here for Forever People?

Loving the Process

Hello Infinity People,

Our lives are made up of daily habits and the process of how we see the world.  In my opinion, our lives are affected incredible by our vision and attachment of definition of everything we see and experience.  Giving things, tangible and intangible, definition, is essentially giving them life.  What is their definition and purpose?  How does that affect you?

When I was young I experienced a troubling world. I had a perception of the  world of being “against me”, hateful, and unfair.  I made little efforts to make anything of my situation in life, where ever I was at, I just described to all around me the magnitude of injustice of life.  Now, I am 31 year young father of two beautiful daughters and about to marry, who I believe to be my soul mate.  The change happened in my mind first, that I can surely say.

Love, plain and simple, saved me, gave me life again, gave me new eyes to see the world, and in return I have moved my mind in tune with its teaching.  I love myself, first, with that I can love the world and all that comes about in my life, because I first share that vision with myself.  In defining the world we are first defining ourselves by way of harboring the vision like a boat in the docks of our soul.  I do believe there are light and dark images/colors/energies to the world and we need both.  Using both to help ourselves and others grow is the way of the world, the way of mother nature, its organic and natural.

The process of your life, when you look at each activity, in thinking and doing, that you give energy to, you will see how you see the world, how you feel the world, and what you give to the world.  Love is a powerful thing.  Loving your process, your life, yourself, and you will find a life worth living. You will attract those that love and energy to help give to your cause, because people are attracted to those who have similar purposes.

Our purpose here at Infinity Culture is simple, water the roots of you soul and help grow your spirit.  Motivate your purpose and give our insights on how we envision the world and all of us in it.  Are you loving the Process?IMAG0080

This is a picture of my daughter loving the process of discovering mother nature.  Here she is crawling through a hollow fallen oak tree.  The process is not always clean or easy, but, it is always a giving experience.  Much Love Infinity People.

Free People, End Slavery

I am consumed with subject matter today. As I jumped onto Facebook, as I do in my morning routine, I immediately came upon an article posted by a friend.  A known and respected Zen master, poet, peace and human rights activist, Thich Nhat Hanh. The post read “Global faith leaders working to #EndSlavery” at Vatican City, Rome Italy. My attention was guided directly into the post and the issue.
I read through the article vigorously, my mind very hungry for a delicacy of topic rarely “plated” in daily conversation amongst my friends.  Then, I went to a website,, linked in the article, which gave me the bulk of my information and  satisfied my appetite.  End slavery; various religions signed a declaration today in an effort to #EndSlavery.  I suggest, as people of the world, to read this article and visit this site and digest this valuable information.  I am moved by this act and as a man who has never been religious I am inspired by all these cultures working together for one singular position, people deserve to be free.

I have always had an understanding that we all deserve to be free.  I have had a life full of freedoms.  Being “free” has been a paramount figure in my mindset to living through my life.  How can one find true happiness without first knowing what it is to be free?  Here we are in the ending of 2014 and slavery still exists.  Women, men, and children in the world are still being forced to work.  Today, many religious leaders came together to #EndSlavery.  Can you we free the people of the world by 2020, as stated by the declaration signed those today in Vatican City today?  I say, let’s believe we can and make more efforts like this one and perhaps we can.  I think we can and those people still without freedom need to enjoy what so many of us have.  Let’s all be #FreePeople and #EndSlavery together!  Let’s be #ForeverPeople and help the world enjoy the happiness in being free!

If you want to witness the signing of the declaration watch this video


Why are you thankful?

“When you practice gratefulness there is a sense of respect towards others.” Daila Lama

Hello friends, I began thinking today, “soon, it will be Thanksgiving, it will be a time for giving thanks.” I followed this thought with a quick question to my creative mind, “what are you thankful for?” Also, I pondered other similar quarries, like who am I thankful for and why am I thankful?
All these great questions and a surge of awesometastic answers to follow. I began to unravel my thoughts and my understanding of giving thanks.
One of the first people I think of that I am thankful for is the love of my life. I am very grateful and thankful for her being a part of my life. I truly appreciate life on a level beyond what I previously thought possible, because she is a part of my daily life. Second, I think of my two lovely daughters. Having each of them in my life has given me a respect towards people on another level. When I reached this thought of positivity in thankfulness I came to another thought, does being thankful help us in health?

So, this post is about health and how it is affected by a thankful and grateful attitude.  WebMD explains in their online artilce,”Boost your health with a dose of gratitude,” that your health is positively affected by gratitude.  In their post they explain how having a positive outlook maintains your stress level and keeping stress down helps in the prevention of sickness.  Stress has a big impact on your body.  People living their lives with a lot of stress tend to be sick more often than thankful, grateful people.  There has been many studies explaining the details of how the habit of thankfulness contributes to your immune system.  Also, thankfulness has been a specific entity that many cultures meld into their lives.

Today, I ask the question, what are you thankful for and can you be thankful everyday of the year, not just one?  I believe, it takes more than just a few positive thoughts a day to keep the doctor away, so to speak.  However, I also agree that an attitude of gratefulness and thankfulness is key to keeping the door open on maintaining and growing our health.  We are many different peoples living many different lives.  I believe we can and do all share some particular investments in each of our lives.  I think one of these investments is not only enjoying our lives, but being thankful for every day we receive.

Thank you, Forever People, for being a part of today with me.

Michael Jewett


The Key is Meditation

Early Thursday morning and I have the second post of Infinity Culture and it has a video with Oprah in it.  Yep, I guess you can call it a throwback Thursday.  Haha, so, my early morning topic for Thursday is this Meditation being the key.  In many cultures of the world, perhaps all, there is some part that calls on people to look inward, seek higher power, observe from within, and other mysterious phrases I believe majority of all societies use or can understand on a similiar viewpoint.  Here in this video of Oprah and Deepak Chopra talk about the difference between meditation and prayer.

I love meditation and I believe all people can benefit from it.  It does take some time to “tune-in” to one’s self or tune-out everything else rather, but the focus and tranquility received after completion is beneficial. Deepak makes some interesting points and Oprah has good motives trying to impliment such a tradition at her schools in South Africa.

If we want to keep our mind, body, and spirits balanced, flowing, and free using meditation is a viable option!  Keeping our eyes and ears open to others perceptions helps us understand our own definitions of life. Have a wonder-filled day Forever People!

Early to Rise, early to Workout!

timetoworkoutSo, there is some questions out there in the fitness world about good times, bad times, and great times to workout.  Let’s go over some of these questions, mainly, when is the best time to workout?

I will assume, for this post, we all have a general sense of fitness and health.  However, I will begin with these questions for you to answer about fitness.  Why do you workout?  Why do you choose to eat what you eat?  What is your fitness goal?  Now, we will continue.  We are on the search for the answer to a question: when is the best time to workout?  Which is truly not a great question, but a question none the less about fitness.  I will explain.

If we are to find a specific time for a workout that would be “best” we should first know why we workout and why we have or want a lifestyle really centered around these things.  If you are looking to change your lifestyle completely or are putting the bar up higher, so to speak, your subconscious mind needs to have certain questions answered that may not be so closely tied in with fitness.  When approaching a goal and working through the tough times of managing actions and choices to achieve that goal you will need answers.  Your mind will ask you,”why are we putting ourselves through this agony?!”  Having a specific goal with emotion connecting the two will give you the drive you need to keep pushing yourself and really enhance your stability to maintaining that goal you wish to achieve.

I have been a Crossfit-Junkie for two years.  I have never been to a “box”, which is a specific term for a Crossfitters gym, but, I am an avid learner from online videos from  I also did a lot of research when I first started using Crossfit as a tool for fitness.  My mother was diagnosed with cancer and died almost a year later in 2011.  Crossfit, has been the foundation to my health and fitness.  The goal of being healthy, for myself, my lover, and my daughters is at the core of my fitness journey.  Having this reasoning, definition, and emotion behind my drive has and continues to push me to heights of fitness I have never dreamed I would achieve.  Before I started Crossfit I had not worked out since high school.  I had never done the majority of movements required in Crossfit before I started reading their website.  However, after just one WOD (workout of the day) I was hooked.  Since my first experience I have kept Crossfit as my “big gun” for pleasing my fitness cravings.  Nothing and I mean nothing fills you better than a Crossfit WOD.  So, when do I perform my Crossfit workouts?  When is my best time to workout?

I have found that working out right away in the morning starts my day out great.  However, the best time for me to work out is just when I have given the most time to preparation of the workout session.  Regardless of morning, afternoon, or night, the best time for me to workout, when I feel I have really captured the excellence of my workout capabilities is when I have ate a carefully planned workout meal hours before hand and warmed up and stretched properly.  I believe the best time to workout is really a preference.  We can go look at studies and blog posts like mine, but, in the end, in my opinion, the best workout time is achievable though many hours of training and discovering when you take to working out the best.  I enjoy the morning the most and similarly it feel the most productive, because it sets the tempo for the rest of my day.  After a diligent workout in the A.M. I feel like I have achieved so much already and the day has just begun.  Working out in the morning, for me, is not only a physically attractive thought, but it is mentally soothing too.  If you want some more information on the benefits of working out in the morning check out this site.

I have worked out more in the past 4 years than the remaining sum of my age.  Through my fitness journey I have tested different workout times and read many studies and blogs on when is the best time to workout.  I suggest looking into medical websites like WebMD and/or talking with health and fitness professionals to find the exact answers to your fitness questions.  However, in the search for great fitness and health, the number one person to look to is you.  Only in a sense of undestanding what works for you and what doesn’t.  It is your body and you should be the main person understanding all its specifics.  This brings me to my conclusion, finding your best workout time comes down to what I explained earlier, in this very quick discussion.  What are you looking for in a workout, what are you looking to receive from your workouts?  Answering questions like these help define the answer you are looking for.  As I stated, in my opinion, the topic of when is the best time to workout, is an individual answer.  Thanks for reading InfinityPeople!