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Eudaimonia is a moral philosophy that defines right action as that which leads to the “well-being” of the individual.

Guardian Spirit

Do you have a good guardian spirit?  I have birthed a new category into this blog, Eudaimonia, which has just become my new favorite word. Eudaimonia is a philosophy, generally speaking that, in theory, a person can attain a happiness in life through “right thinking”.  In translation it literally means good guardian spirit.

Here, on this link, is a great explanation to Eudaimonia.

One of the pillars to the blog, for me, is the incredible amount of thinking that I receive through researching, compiling, and orchestrating each blog post.  Majority of the posts come easy and the bulk of the information on each post is of my own thinking and philosophy.  So, through each of my blog post endeavors, I spend hours thinking on my viewpoint and so receive a fully understanding of myself.  I have this community to thank for helping me find my purpose.

Plato believed people needed “right thinking” to exist or live happy rather.  In my own journey of life, I have found the same.  Now, when I say “right thinking”, it is to say thinking is a tool, like breathing or posture.  If i hold a poor posture, in time, my body will suffer for it.  Similarly, if I use my mind “poorly”, that affects the mental-state, emotional-state, and physical-state of me.  In translation, Eudaimonia is having a good guardian spirit, which I really enjoy knowing.

I hold a spiritual constitution and belief that I have a spirit or a soul rather.  Each different, but, both the same really.  Perhaps, it is better to say they are parts to a whole.  Like a mind and thinking is part of our brain, a soul and a spirit are part of each body.  Reading this new knowledge and belief of Plato, one of my favorite philosophers, brought a new foundation to my thoughts and felt fulfilling.  I then decided to make a new category, one of philosophy, but, mainly that of philosophy and theories that can help us all obtain fulfillment.

So, feed you guardian spirit well with right thinking and healthy choices.  Build your constitution and know thyself.