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Where’s the motivation?

Drive, motivation, that vital ingredient which propels us in our actions.  When pursuing goals and creating daily habits we are constantly reminded of the purpose of each action.  Motivation is a key factor in success.  Motivation, as Psychology Today describes it, is literally the desire to do things.  My interest in motivation has become some what of an obsession.

When I began drastically changing my life, I learned serious truths about myself: I had only spurts of motivation and I lacked the know how to create it.  In my desire to continue down this road or up rather in my own thinking I have had to really create my own momentum in steering the direction of my learning.  I have read many articles, I have experienced many late nights, by myself learning new daily living methodology to birth this new me and maintain it.

In my focus to learn I made some other realizations, that I had been learning how to depress myself all these years, that I had built a system that was keeping me from growing mentally, emotionally, and physically.  In my first efforts to prescribe myself ways of changing lazy habits and negative thought patterns I was not as productive as I imagined and the whole process was not easy.   I knew some difficulty was in this venture, but, I have always had an optimistic view and that definitely increased my chances of keeping my mind on target with new habits and goals.  So, where’s the motivation?

I have learned many ways people use motivation to propel themselves through the tough times, the low of their lows, and prevail against outside forces, as well as inside forces.  Les Brown, a motivational speaker is one of the key “advisors” to my understanding of directing my desire and staying on course.  In his many speeches he explains his own life’s ups and downs and what he did in the face of adversity.  He gets very emotional in his speaking and I feel his words.

Here is some of the audio over the top of a video by Youarecreators

Watching videos like this are motivating to me.  Finding some material that motivates you and keeps you full on that energy that moves you is important.  I believe life has some “hard turns” and difficult obstacles.

Something to remember is that we are all alone.  We can gather people to us and we can create family and friends.  However, our minds are always with us.  We need to keep our mind busy with activity.  Solving problems, reading new information, giving away old information, and enjoying time to imagine.

Take care of your minds and spirit with motivation.  Although we are together, alone, we must garden ourselves well.

Skill at Being Happy

Skill is the ability to do something well, with expertise.  Alan Watts, in one of his lectures, talks about how a person cannot be happy in life without skill.  You may listen to this quick lecture here. skill trees

Today, I thought, at various interludes of my journey, that I was really happy with every choice I was making.  Each having their own outcome, of course, but, I was continuously hearing my inner voice say with some, almost paternal head nod of, “yes, that’s exactly it!”

I will veer off a moment to add, we are all, first and foremost, our own best-friend’s and worst enemies, but, there are many other entities within us.  I feel I have always been my own “father” , “father-figure”,  or parent.  Perhaps, the best explanation is, I have been conscious of myself at a very young age.  I have always been aware of decision-making and the responsibility of my actions.  A comical thought of me talking to myself as a child, which seems rather normal, may come upon others as radical and nonsense.  I am somewhat reluctant to strike the keys, but, holding a “conversation” with myself has been a useful tool in understanding what’s on my mind.  I mean, who else knows me better.

Let’s return, through the day I reviewed the passing hours and my time with my company.  Each response of mine was thought out, free of my judgement or care of others, but, very much in line with my spirit.  Words just seemed to flow today.  I thoroughly am joyed by occurrences of these, because, I know my confidence in my speaking and understanding of my own mind and spirit are in a balanced spot.

As I thought on this lecture I am remembering my day, the happiness I created, and the skills I have gardened each season.  I speak on communication so much, another important area of growth and “gardening” is within relationships.  In the speaking of being our own best-friends and such, I think and relate my skill with the relationship I have with myself and how it has changed and grown, destroyed and burned; our relationship with ourselves is quite a magnanimous epic written only in the pages of our soul.  Rewritten and experienced through failed attempts and addictive behaviors.  Our ink is the very vision of life we give to ourselves and to others.

Allow the world to know your skill.  Give the world you, your vision, and your skill.  Much Love

We are made and unmade by our Mind

Hello, Forever People, time to look into your mind,

Tonight is a night like any other right?  That is true for some and not true for others.  Tonight is whatever we each make of it and that is held in the vision we build of it in our mind.

I remember growing up alone a lot of the time.  Now that I look back at those times I see that I was not so much alone as I had seen, but, it was the vision that I had.  It was that vision that guided me into the direction I moved and created the environment I visualized around me.  Despite what others were doing to protect me, help me, or anything, my mind was the ultimate keep of the vision.  Shall I see the “good” or the “bad”?

In our daily functioning in our lives we encounter many things, not all of which are under our control.  I do not control my fiances dog, although I wish I could, to some extent.  I do not control my daughters and I do not think I want to, but, what a wish for getting children to eat exactly what you cook, haha.  In our journey, day to day, moment to moment really, we are the keepers of what is seen.  Believe this, trust it, and use it.

If all your environment is against you, you will still have your mind, you will still have power there and control.  Here is where the true battle of life is fought and won.  Men and women will fight for love, power, and money, but, to fight for your purpose and understanding is sometimes without measure or wit until death is already within our house.  Do not wait until you can see the end to become what you always wanted to be.  Build a life, moment by moment, day by day that you love.

In our search for helpful words and knowledge for such retraining and building of the mind, I suggest you seek out James Allen.  In his book, “As a man thinkth”, James Allen speaks beautiful words on how to use one’s mind to its full potential.

Good night Forever People, Much Loveinfinitygalaxy2 mind


New Year, New Mindset

Its a new year for InfinityCulture and a new year for you.  Let’s talk about mindset.  I ask, insist, and plead, please come into the new year with a new mindset.  In our journey for seeking our goals, I believe, it is our mindset, our vision of the world and ourselves, that helps or hurts our productivity and our success in the end.

I inform to you, my readers, and my friends and family, to examine yourself.  By this I simply mean, breakdown your daily actions, what do you spend time doing, what do You give your time to, what do you think about the most?  There are a lot of questions like these you can ask yourself in the pursuit of this “examination” I am just directing you a little.  In the effort, your effort, to improve and grow yourself you must be willing to ask the hard questions and be brutally honest with yourself.  This is the way of true growth.

Now, I will finish up this our first blog of the new year with our/my vision.

I thought over the past few months as i pondered this blog and its purpose, what specifically am I trying to accomplish and who am I here to help?  BOOM! My answer was part of my question.  InfinityCulture is here to help, I have always been told I have a way with words.  Also, that I have great patience.  Here, now, this year, I give to you, the Forever People, my understandings, my patience, and my spirit.  In an effort to help my community, my country, and my Earth become something more.  Much Love, Forever People,

Living. Together. Forever.November21 023