Hello, my name is Michael Joseph Jewett, I was born in Pierre, South Dakota.  I will fast-forward through some of my past really quickly to spare everyone too much to read, but still informing you beautiful people who I am.  I am a, currently, 29 year old Oglala Sioux, Danish, Norwegian, father of two.  I graduated high-school, I went to the Art Institute of Co, I did not graduate college, I met a girl, I fell in love, I had my first daughter and child October 5th 2010 and my second daughter and child September 26th 2011.  Earlier this year, I decided it was time to extend myself further into the world.  That it was time to grow, whatever that may encompass, mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and/or socially.  As it were, I have an account on Facebook and for some time I have had friends and friends of friends express their enjoyment of reading my posts on my page.  Through some planning and careful decision-making I came to a conclusion that a blog/website would be ideal to achieve these goals of mine:  teach people about the world through their eyes and mine, help change the world and our culture through expressing my thoughts, and finally cultivating a cultural philosophy into the world.

I was once a boy who didn’t understand culture nor did I believe I truly had one.  I, being of many ethnic backgrounds, found a difficulty in keeping a coexistence between all beliefs and ideals between my Native American roots and Scandinavian heritage.  Also, the foundation of my upbringing was one of constant battles inside and outside of my family.  Healing, growing, understanding, and involving myself in exactly what I needed to learn about life, as I see fit has become a a foundation point in the philosophy of my life.  So much time spent just trying to survive being a poor, dysfunctional family with one parent, there was little time for family members to teach culture to me.  I describe much of what I know from books, the internet, and some very gracious friends who shared their thoughts.  For those friends who know who you are, thank you. It is those people who have helped me become what I am today and helped birth this idea to me: we are so many cultures living today, especially in the U.S.A., and so many families trying to get by on average to below average income, who has the time to speak about culture?

In my years, I was introduced to various cultures from many people.  So far, I have met a great percentage with little to no knowledge about their culture and an equally valuable amount of people  who understand quite a lot about their culture.  Each having similar stories of parents, friends, entities(internet and books), and family exchanging that very nurturing ingredient in a person’s life, knowledge, but a kind of context that is specific to your cultural information and history.  Here I express, we can learn our culture, create our own culture, and teach our culture.  After I graduated, I decided that I held my, not only future, but my past and present within my hands, so to speak.  That I could create my own culture with traditions and knowledge I have gained and grown into and with.  Everyday in many ways we are creating new habits to our culture, new ways of communication, new meanings for old words, and so much more.  Our culture tells us who we are, what we are a part of, and why we do what we do.  That feeling of being lost has left me completely so many years ago.  I have since been building a culture of beliefs and learning all I can about those cultures from friends, family, and strangers I meet, who are willing to share with me a story about their culture and life.  Here we are all living on this Earth, sharing air, food, water, and culture.  I like to believe we all want one similar goal, which is to live forever.  Perhaps, not in our bodies forever, but in knowledge, in information given through stories and lessons to our family and friends.  With our evolving lives asking for more and more time and focus of us, I have brought a website/blog to comfort mine and your needs for understanding each other and sharing each others cultures! Join this online family and become part of the Forever People!!

  Welcome to InfinityCulture

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